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Abakus VCL
General information

Abakus VCL is a set of professional Delphi / C++Builder realtime components for virtual instrumentation. They can be used at home as well as for business purposes.

All our components are flicker-free (at runtime) and can be customised in many ways. To get a first impression, see some screenshots or download the Demo-program or the Abakus-library from our download page.

Follow this link to get more information about prices / registration

TAb120Meter TAb120Meter DB-Aware version included   TAb180Meter TAb180Meter DB-Aware version included
round meter (120°) TAb120Meter   round meter (180°) TAb180Meter
TAb270Meter TAb270Meter DB-Aware version included   TAbAnalogClock TAbAnalogClock
round meter (270°) TAb270Meter   free sizable analog clock component with antialiasing and shadow TAbAnalogClock
TAbBar TAbBar DB-Aware version included   TAbBevel TAbBevel
horizontal / vertical bar indicator TAbBar   represents a bevel component TAbBevel
TAbBMask TAbBMask   TAbBMaskCanvas TAbBMaskCanvas
Mask controls are a set with the opportunity to change the shape of the control by means of color areas of a bitmap. TAbBMask   Behavior like TAbBMask, aditionally another color marked area can be used to create a flicker-free user-canvas TAbBMaskCanvas
TAbBMaskMeter TAbBMaskMeter   TAbCircularProgressBar TAbCircularProgressBar
Like TAbBMaskCanvas aditionally the user-canvas can be filled according an analog signal TAbBMaskMeter   Circular progress bar component TAbCircularProgressBar
TAbClock TAbClock   TAbColBitBtn TAbColBitBtn DB-Aware version included
digital Time indicator TAbClock   can be used as Button, Radiobutton, Switch and Indicator TAbColBitBtn
TAbCompass TAbCompass   TAbDial TAbDial DB-Aware version included
Compass with course, course should, rotating scale TAbCompass   Dial / Knob TAbDial
TAbFlexHMeter TAbFlexHMeter DB-Aware version included   TAbFlexVMeter TAbFlexVMeter DB-Aware version included
horizontal meter with "moving scale" TAbFlexHMeter   vertical meter with "moving scale" TAbFlexVMeter
TAbGearDial TAbGearDial DB-Aware version included   TAbGradient TAbGradient
Gear dial component TAbGearDial   a gradient component TAbGradient
TAbHBar TAbHBar DB-Aware version included   TAbHMeter TAbHMeter DB-Aware version included
horizontal bar + digital indicator TAbHBar   horizontal meter TAbHMeter
TAbHSlider TAbHSlider DB-Aware version included   TAbLabel TAbLabel DB-Aware version included
horizontal slider TAbHSlider   A "flicker-free" text indicator TAbLabel
TAbLED TAbLED DB-Aware version included   TAbMiniTrend TAbMiniTrend
LED-indicator, can be used as indicator, button, radiobutton, switch TAbLED   2 Channel Trend display, y(t) TAbMiniTrend
TAbNumEdit TAbNumEdit   TAbNumSpin TAbNumSpin
Edit component for numbers TAbNumEdit   Numeric edit field with spin buttons TAbNumSpin
TAbOperatingPoint TAbOperatingPoint   TAbOpHourCounter TAbOpHourCounter
to visualize the characteristic of aggregates y(x) TAbOperatingPoint   Operating hour counter. Functions: Count upDown, automatic load/save value to file TAbOpHourCounter
TAbPanel TAbPanel   TAbPrintTrend TAbPrintTrend
a Panel component TAbPanel   to print Trends or save trend as bitmap TAbPrintTrend
TAbRockerSwitch TAbRockerSwitch DB-Aware version included   TAbSpinButton TAbSpinButton
2 State rocker switch TAbRockerSwitch   a spinbutton TAbSpinButton
TAbTank TAbTank DB-Aware version included   TAbThermometer TAbThermometer DB-Aware version included
Tank level indicator TAbTank   vertical bar indicator with scale + digital value indication TAbThermometer
TAbTimerSpeedBtn TAbTimerSpeedBtn   TAbToggleSwitch TAbToggleSwitch DB-Aware version included
a speedbutton with puls-function TAbTimerSpeedBtn   2 State toggle switch TAbToggleSwitch
TAbTrend TAbTrend   TAbValueInd TAbValueInd DB-Aware version included
to show/record the progression of 8 analog signals with respect to time y(t) TAbTrend   digital Value indicator TAbValueInd
TAbVBar TAbVBar DB-Aware version included   TAbVCInd TAbVCInd
vertical bar + digital indicator TAbVBar   combines course, pitch and roll indication TAbVCInd
TAbVMeter TAbVMeter DB-Aware version included   TAbVSlider TAbVSlider DB-Aware version included
vertical meter + digital indicator TAbVMeter   vertical slider TAbVSlider
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