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User infoArmin Linder
17.Oct.12 16:55
How get Abakus VCL Components onto Delphi 2010 RAD Studio Tool Palette?

Dynamically creating the components works, the question is how I do get the components into the tool palette of the VCL form editor.

Found no documentation covering this topic. May be common wisdom in the Delphi world, sorry, I only know how to install dpk packages, and Abacus does obviously not provide one, so I am stuck.

Please enlight me!



User infoadmin
21.Oct.12 9:17
our Setup program will install al components for you. No need to install any .dpk file manually. Right after setup is finished you should find component groups in your palette with the names
- AbMisc
- AbAnalogInd
- AbBinary
- AbAnalogAdj
- AbDBAware
Did you find this groups?

regards Achim

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