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User infoAntony Masefield
17.Aug.11 8:43
Cannot Reslve unit Name AbDBCtrls

Have installed latest version of Abakus VCL for Delphi XE along with the D2007.
Opened an old D2007 project with XE and get the above message plus numerous undeclared identifier TAbDBTank.
Checked the Library and Browse paths and all are OK.

Steps to reproduce:
Removed Abakus VCL and re-installed but problem remains.
Have tried rebuilding but no joy either. Obviously can't compile.
Opened a new project and added one DBTank. Got the same errors as before but it would complie (?). Afterwards there were no error messages visible.
Re-opened the older project but still no joy - won't compile and all the error messages remain.
Any suggestions what might be wrong?

From memory I think I had the exact same problem when moving from Delphi 5 to D2007. I think I deleted all the Abakus components and then placed them back again - which worked.

User infoAntony Masefield
17.Aug.11 8:45
Suggestions welcomed.

User infoElkom
11.Nov.11 1:20
Find "AbDBCtrls" in the main cbproj file and delete the record.

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