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User infoRoger Burningham
15.Apr.11 12:59
TabClock display format

I'm using TabClock in a project and need to be able to display the calendar part in either Euro/UK or US format.

It seems to pick the format up only from the operating system - is this correct or can I change a property to reflect a continent independently of the operating system?


Roger Burningham

User infoRoger Burningham
12.May.11 11:43
OK - got over this by using this on the operating system!

ShortDateFormat := 'mm/dd/yyyy';

Still aproblem on a Windows 7 64bit OS where it appends am/pm to a 24hour setting.

Any ideas anyone?


Roger B

User infoElkom
12.Jul.11 4:01
Application->UpdateFormatSettings = false;
ShortDateFormat = L"YYYY/MM/DD";
ShortTimeFormat = L"hh:mm:ss";
TimeSeparator = L':';
DateSeparator = L'/';
LongTimeFormat = ShortTimeFormat;

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