Project: Abakus VCL

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User infoRobert Fish
15.Dec.09 22:03
AbMeter->Value floating point error

Setting the Value field of the abMeter widget throws a floating point error in 3.70

I upgraded my component from 3.50 to 3.70 withing BDS2009 and this error presented itself. I also seem to have lost the ability to set the ValueFormat on SignalSettings

User infoRobert Fish
15.Dec.09 23:30
This should've been a bug report

User infoadmin
16.Dec.09 5:53
Hi Robert,
could you create a small Demo and send us the EXE + all sources, best together with the file ..\Abakus\Misc\config.txt

User infoRobert Fish
16.Dec.09 16:33
I believe I found the problem:

Programmatically setting SignalSettings->DigitalFrom and SignalSettings->DigitalTo to the same value causes this issue.

I changed my code to make them different and all is well.

This is the TAb120Meter, I don't think I specified before.

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