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User infoBruno Vacca
19.Aug.09 3:14
EInvalidOp 'Invalid floating point operation' exception when writing to TAbBar.Digit property

I have recently ported an application from Delphi 6 to Delphi 2007; this required purchasing/installing new (v3.50, ( Abakus components. We did not purchase source so I have been unable to debug the exception. The exception occurs whenever the Digit property is changed ie. trying to set it to the value that it already is does not cause the exception.

User infoBruno Vacca
19.Aug.09 7:45
Further testing shows that the exception is only ever generated when BarSettings.Style = bsLED_Bar
This is obviously what we had in our original D6 based design and our preference is to stay with this style.

User infoBruno Vacca
19.Aug.09 10:17
I have finally narrowed the scope of this down to a very repeatable simple test case:
1. Place a TAbBar on a form
2. Set its BarSettings.Style to bsLED_Bar
3. In the form's FormCreate event handler insert the following line:
AbBar1.Digit := 0;
4. Run the application; the exception will be generated (but only if the Style is bsLED_Bar)

(See the attached zip file for my project that does this.)

Files: (228 kB)

User infoadmin
18.Oct.09 7:39
Problem fixed in V3.70 Build 0

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