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User infoGerard Zennipman
06.Apr.09 14:59
CPPBuilder2009 vclsmp120.bpl is not a design time package

In CPPBuilder2009 I use TAbVSlider from
CPPBuilder2009 Build Run and Save MyProject are OK.
CPPBuilder2009 Open MyProject again results in error
"vclsmp120.bpl is not a design time packag".

User infoadmin
06.Apr.09 21:07
Hi Gerard,
as awnsered to your email.....
vclsmp120.bpl is a Borland(Embarcadero), package wich is NOT used in our packages…. So Abakus VCL does not require this package-lib.

Do you get this error if you crate a new project, only with one Abakus control used (not any other control) ?

You may also create a new package with a Abakus control and send(or upload) us all sources + exe ,... this may help to locate the problem.

User infoadmin
07.Apr.09 21:20
Hi Gerard,
we test your demo project but don'nt get any error.... (tested on 2 pc's)
May it can help to find the problem if you Post your project sources to your bug report so that other user can test it on their pc's.
Actually we think that there is a problem with your CPP2009 installation.

User infoElkom
13.Aug.09 13:48
Oh yes, I have the same issue. Exactly as Gerard described. It happens when I open saved project but also I get choice to IGNORE error. I IGNORE and one of Abakus VCL componnents in my project is gone. Then when I want to save again without this componnent I get "Do you want to remove the declaration of the missing componnent?". And then after "save" I have to insert componnent again. It looks like it happens on the last edited componnent on my Form1 but I am not sure.
There must be bug somewhere in certain configuration. I write (I work on) all files over the network, on the server on remote folder. I will test what happens when I edit project on the local drive.
Reinstallation of Builder or AbakusVCL with manual registry clean did not help.

User infoElkom
13.Aug.09 13:54
I just tested. It also happens on the local drive. I put AbThermometer1, save, close, then open and I get this xxxx120.bpl error and then AbThermometer1 is missing but declaration is on place, then when I save I get Error and question to remove declaration. I answer YES and it starts from the beginning.

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